Words of Encouragement

Everything is going to be okay.

No matter who has verbalized these words to you, or what language they’ve been translated into. I hope that I can speak for everyone when I say that, we’ve heard these six words before.

Today I was trying to take pictures of a beauty look that I did earlier today with my substandard cell phone camera. When I scrolled through each picture, I realized that I hated every single one of them (I don’t like to post anything unless it is high quality) . Since this happened I had a nervous breakdown and scratched the whole idea. Then I even thought about taking down the blog altogether.

I’m mentioning this because, as an introvert and perfectionist my mind is always filled with worry. What I fear the most is being inadequate. I’ve told many of my close friends about this, and many of them believe that this fear is quite irrational. I personally don’t think so, because I’m sure that millions of people have the same fear. Just the thought of knowing that no matter how hard I work or how much that I believe in something; I’m somehow destined to fail. That thought alone sends me into a spiraling depression.

It is amazing to know just how powerful the human brain works. Especially the power of our thoughts, words, and feelings. I sometimes surprise myself, when my own mind can convince me not to do something. Before I started this blog I thought about all the things that could go wrong. “Suppose no one likes it,”What would I even talk about,”I’m just one out of hundreds-and-thousands of beauty bloggers on the internet. Who wants to pay attention to me,”What if it’s not successful.”

This blog would have never gotten started if I had listened to my defeatist thoughts. Since the first day, I started posting entries in this blog; all I can think about is the amazing possibilities that await me in the future. I can’t wait to showcase all of my ideas, collaborate with amazing people, travel to breathtaking places, and most importantly to prove those negative thoughts in my head wrong.

To anyone, that is second guessing themselves at any point in their lives; Don’t! keep telling yourself that you are good enough, strong enough, smart enough, and beautiful enough. Speak it into existence, the universe always returns the favor. Self-doubt is just a water hose that dwindles your spiritual fire. Trust me. Everything WILL be okay.

I hope that you all can walk away with a different perspective on opportunities, and to pursue your passions with a purpose. Have a lovely evening everyone! I Love you guys!



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